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Custom skateboard deck on the shovel shape 9.0 for Mr.Sweep - Custom Printed Skateboard

We love seeing what you can come up with for your deck design
and its great when you post about our service

Here is and edited post from Tim (aka Mr sweep )
The pictures are his original design concept the final one with the brown floorboards ,how does that look .its on the 9.0 shovel shape .check out that grip tape job he did as well

This is Amazing!!

Massive THANK YOU to Adam for this custom deck.

It started out as a bit of a joke

I would have never guessed that 24 hours later I would be standing here holding my first ever custom skateboard. I have a feeling this could get more expensive than raffles! It's addictive designing something and watching it come to life.

Mr. Sweep is actually called "A man with a broom" and was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1881 with chalk on top of watercolour.
And the background is a picture of some rickety old floorboards.

If you would like to make your own custom skateboard then give Adam a shout, you'll find his email address on his website.

Anyway, I hope you like this...
Actually, that's not true, it doesn't matter if you like this or not, I like it, and it's my custom skateboard, so everything is good!

Have a good day Mr Sweep

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