Design Tips

General Information

The online deck creator currently accepts images in JPEG and PNG formats. Please note that if use PNGs they are RGB which means colours may not reproduce correctly on the deck.

We can not currently print transparent images (i.e seeing the deck stain through the print). If you want a wood background on a full print we would suggest using a background image of a wood texture in your image file.

Ideally your artwork file should be no larger than 30mb.

The best way to get high quality decks is to design them full bleed in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and then upload your design to the online creator. Full bleed for all decks is 10 x 34 inches at 300 DPI or above.

Accepted Image Formats: JPEG, JPG, and PNG (see below for other options)

Required DPI (anything under this will be resized): 300dpi

For best quality results we would suggest sending your artwork as a PDF or AI as a separate file.

If you would like to supply your graphic in these formats then please create your deck using a JPG/PNG version of your design in the online creator and place your order. Once you have confirmation of your order please send your artwork file to with your order number.

When supplying a PDF or AI file please make sure to outline any fonts used before sending.

Safe Area

Make sure not to put important elements right on the edge of the deck graphic. The skateboard size in the deck creator is approximate and the graphic can shift slightly in printing so anything placed close to the edge could get cut off if you don't leave some room. A general rule would be to keep important elements 1" from the edge of the size deck you would like to print.


When working with images or photos make sure not to enlarge beyond their actual size, doing so may result in a graphic that looks pixelated or blurry.

300dpi Templates

7.5" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

7.75" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

8" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

8.25" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

8.5" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

9" Popsicle Shape JPG | PNG

Gothic Shape  JPG | PNG

Shovel Shape JPG | PNG

Pool Shape JPG | PNG

Pool Dagger Shape JPG | PNG

Cruiser Shape JPG | PNG

Will design my board for me?

We do not provide design services, but we can put you in touch with designers, illustrators and photographers that can help you. Please note the artists are freelance and do not work for Your Custom Skateboard so additional fees would apply.