Our decks are made from Pro quality 100% USA hard rock maple grown in managed forests from the Great Lakes, Wisconsin. With over 35 years experience in the skateboard industry we are only happy when we are providing the best.

Design it, print it, shred it.


What file formats does the online creator support?
The online creator accepts .jpg and .png files. Check out our Design Tips for more information

Will YourCustomSkateboard.com design my board?
We do not provide design services, but we can put you in touch with designers, illustrators and photographers that can help you. Please note the artists are freelance and do not work for Your Custom Skateboard so additional fees would apply.

Can my design be split over multiple decks?
If you would like to combine decks to make one whole image we can split designs over multiple decks. Please contact us first before placing an order to discuss details.

How long does it take?

Production time for one-off custom printed skateboards is usually 3-5 working days from order date.

Copyright Information

What is not acceptable?
The following types of graphics and images are strictly prohibited from the YourCustomSkateboard.com website, unless you are the owner or have received permission from the owner of the graphic or image.

  • No names, pictures, or logos of companies, products, or pro skaters (i.e. Apple logo, or Rodney Mullen's name)
  • No text or graphic of a third party's logo, product, or graphic.
  • No images or graphics downloaded off the internet unless licensed to use them.
  • You will only use graphics, images, and text that you have designed or have obtained rights to use. You will in no way infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party.

If you are unsure about whether your art/image is suitable, please contact us, we are happy to advise accordingly.

We reserve the right to refund and cancel your order at any time for any reason, including copyright violations.

Does Your Custom Skateboard get the rights to my design?

No, all contents you upload to YourCustomSkateboard.com remains your intellectual property. No one else is able to purchase your designs for their own decks, we may however use your deck artwork for marketing purposes.

Bulk Orders

For larger print runs (over 10 decks) please visit our main site www.skateboardprinting.co.uk (shops, brands, and businesses only)


Due to the length of a skateboard many small parcel shipping companies will not take the size so our standard shipping is via DPD. Please bear in mind delivery time is from the point the deck is printed and dispatched, not from the order date.

Any parcels shipping to N.I., Highlands, Islands & Eire will be shipped via Royal Mail.

Please contact us for shipping to any other destinations


All custom decks are guaranteed against, delamination and warpage due to manufacturer defects. This relates to material and construction defects and does not cover intentional breakage or unintentional breakage due to misuse.

Warping/warpage is defined as a deck that is severely twisted making the left side of the concave drastically higher than the right side or visa versa.

Delamination is defined as a separation in the glue lines between wood veneers of the deck due to an insufficient bond and the manufacturing stage. Not caused by wear and tear or water damage

This means YourCustomSkateboard.com will replace your newly purchased deck if there are defects in the materials due to the process of manufacturing.

We will also replace a deck if the following criteria are met:

  • Skateboard was printed incorrectly. If the skateboard received by the customer does not match the uploaded artwork, the skateboard will be considered as printed incorrectly. A perfect colour match cannot be guaranteed since all computer monitors do not display colours in the same way. Please note the online creator is for approximate visual reference only so the graphic can shift slightly in printing.
  • Skateboard is as new and un-skated
  • Skateboard grip tape has not been applied
  • Skateboard trucks, bolts, or stickers have not been applied

The custom printed graphic applied to the deck will be delivered to you carefully packaged against transit damage. Once received and parts have been assembled to the deck we can no longer accept responsibility for the surface condition, scratches, scrapes, gouging, chips etc.

Notify contact us immediately upon receipt if you have any query about your order.